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Our Approach

I'll admit it. I love fantasy/adventure.

Why do we go on vacations if not for the adventure? A chance to experience new things? A boring trip to visit Aunt Em doesn't cut it. (Sorry, Dorothy.)

If your mind just went to "The Wizard of Oz", you might want to stick around. You're my kind of people!

Our Story

One night in 2006, my daughter phoned home from college to say, "Mom, Dad, I have an assignment to write and illustrate a children's book. I can do the pictures, but I have no idea how to write a story." The instructor said that collaboration was fine as long as the student did the art. So dad pitched in to craft a story of transportation (a toddler thinking of cooler ways to get around and continually upgrading his ride) and we launched "The Best Ride".

I found I enjoyed the process and began researching how to print and publish. As of 2018 I have eight books under my belt and several publication credits.

As a by-product, my books teaching kids how to play chess led to designing custom chess boards. Check them out at

Meet the Team

It's just me.

At the beach 300 x 225

Duane Porter

Founder, Owner, Author

I'm an interesting combination of technogeek with a creative streak. I love writing for kids and adults who wish they were kids.

Next Steps...

Explore our product catalog. We have books, custom chess boards, and unique four-player Transformer chess games!